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Have a glance of the place you will be having the best experience of your life.

Chile, Republic in southwestern South America, bounded on the north by Perú, on the east by Bolivia and Argentina, and on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean. It has an extreme northern-southern length of approximately 4270 km (about 2650 mi), but its average width is less than 180 km (less than 110 mi).

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Parinacota Volcano - XV region


Of all the South American countries, Chile can be proud of having a prosperous economy, good infrastructure and excellent outdoor activities. This serves to consistently swell Chile tourism numbers year round. Most sporting activities and local festivities can be found most of the year. A predominantly Catholic country, religious celebrations like the Fiesta del Carmen in Los Loros attracts visitors from around the world. For summer activities like exploring the wine regions and crystal clear lakes of the mountains, tourists should visit between November-April. Also famed for great skiing, if you want to catch the ski slopes and blanket snow cover, June-October proves the best time to travel Chile.

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Toores del Paine National Park - XII region

  Further south, the natural beauty and purity of Patagonia is another top Chile tourism destination. This region offers the best of hiking, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding and photographic opportunities to be found anywhere. In the winter, northern Patagonia is a great destination for skiers and glacier climbs. There are also a multitude of national parks, rivers and lakes to explore. Travel Chile to south Patagonia and you will be confronted by unsurpassed natural beauty. Extending out to the Antarctic, the snow capped mountain ranges and mirror image waters around Torres del Paine will give you a sense of privilege and immense respect for this stunning region.